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Fes is typical Morocco, so different from Marrakech, not touristic at all. When you go through the Bab Boujeloud, the main entrance to the medina you enter another world, as if you were a few centuries back in time. In the medina there are more than  9000 narrow streets, you see heavily loaded donkey’s with muzzles made from plastic bottles, unfortunely they all have sad faces,  you see man dressed in djellaba”s and babouches.Lots of streets are filled with little shops, selling their products in front of their store. Every street is specialised in something, for example:lamps, leather, djeballa’s … In the food souk stalls they sell live chickens, vegetables, sardines, herbs, couscous and so on, but the stalls with the rose petals and mint are the most beautiful I think. In the souk of the tanners, which is famous in Fes, the skins are soaked in water and pigeon poop to make the skins soft. I asked myself why can’t they also use some lovely smell  against the stench like rose petals or so!  Luckely all tourists get a branch of mint againt the stench, to keep for the nose…In the streets you see carved cedar wooden doors, with handels in the shape of the hand of fatima, to protect the house against the evil eye. The doors are divided into two doors, a large containing a smaller one to use for the wife and children….how strange!…Stunning views looking from roof terraces on the medina and the houses with satellite dishes…Everything is so overwhelming… You do need a guide, not to get totally lost in the labyrint of the alleyways and dead-end streets. Even in the evening when we went to the restaurants, we were taken away by the staff  of our Riad Alkantara, like small kids…As a tourist you don’t have to be afraid in the streets, all people are very kind!

Our whole trip was one adventure, tomorrow I show you my pictures of the Erg Chebbi desert!

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