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Thousend and one nights was what I expected when I went to Marrakech and surrely it was. When I got to the Djeema el Fna at sunset, I was shocked. It were not only the cobra’s with their charmer  that amazed me, but the rich variety of different smells and sounds of all prayers in the mosk… so much people walking, strumpling and riding donkey’s. Market stands with all kind of different goods from fresh orange juice to clothing and hookahs….We were amazed, it was overwhelming…..We went into the souk, tried not to give much attention to the merchants and other men. Everyone wants something from you in Marrakech. We put on our pokerface and only bought products we really wanted. Hamman soaps…yes…Brown leather travel bags…yes…Argan oil..yes…. All the rest nope, nope, nope.

We saw Jardin Majorelle, The cactus oases of Yves saint Laurent….Ate delicious Marrocan foods and had dinner at the best fine restaurants in Marrakech… Dar Zellij, Dar moha, Dar Rhizlane, our hotel les deux tours and “a peux touristique”” by Chez Ali and restaurant Grand café de poste overlooking the Djeema el Fna…….Had a coffee with marrocan sweets on the terrace of the famous hotel-palace La Mamounia, scored in the hotel shop some nice perfumes and a lovely beach bag….Because that’s what you do when you go on a citytrip: Eat, drink and a keepsake scoring….also in Marrakech….

We visited the Koutoubia mosk, Palais de la Bahia, the jewish live in Marrakech, the mellah, the el Badi palace, and the medina with our private guide…so we learned a lot…We returned every day in the afternoon to our beautiful quiet hotel and lunched by the pool and had a swim…In the morning we had breakfast on the terras with flowering yoghurt, fresh fruits, warm pancakes , sweet minttea and so on..

We road camels at the amazing Palmeraie oasis.The most exceptional ride I’ve ever had….Spend a day in a 4×4 tour through the atlas mountains, sipped a mint tea in a Berber home, crossed through the desert. Ate lunch in a safari tent and stayed the night in the tent camp in the Agafay desert…


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