Scotland: Edinburgh, Stirling, Aberfeldy, Pitlochry and the Scottish Highlands

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The weather was amazing, Scotland at its best..The sun, the clouds, and the wind kicked up, which resulted in the best skies I’ve ever seen….When I got in the  Highlands, nature’s beauty grabbed me right from the start…The rich variety of colors of land and sky and the quietness all over the place…The breathtaking mountains, glens, and hills of Perthshire….spotting for stags, and sipped whiskey …A great place for an outdoorsy feel…The private 4×4 Landrover defender tour in the Highlands, The guide learned us a lot… I loved to spend a day in that nature!… We visited The Castle in Edinburgh and did a whiskey experience tour..Ate Scottish food “Haggis”, Which I did not like at all!. Had a coffee and sweets in the famous Edinburgh’s Chocolate bar At Harvey Nichols…And scored in my favorite Edinburgh shops The white company and Phentaligon’s some perfume boxes, because I collect from everywhere I travel a perfume,(since I was a teener) which I can’t find in the Netherlands…Every smell has a memory!

Beautiful Scotland….mystic and magic… surely want to return some day!


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